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Thanks for saying my face looks like I'm ill with no makeup

Today I didn't wear makeup. Four people asked me if I was feeling okay.Thanks for thinking my real face looks like I am physically ill.


So true! EVERY single time lol! OCD at the gas station pump.it has to land on the right number or I'm annoyed lol

This is important information | How Do It

Bride and Groom some cards, And do you solemnly swear to protect me from spiders as long as we both shall live/ wedding vows, spider memes

Well that wouldn't be awkward at all...

When aww cute goes to ohhh no...

Free, Reminders Ecard: Wishing your pets could talk is fun until you remember everything you've ever done in front of your pets.

artsy-fartsy mama: Pinteresting Features n' Shtuff

Pinteresting Features n' Shtuff

Know someone who stalks and pins everyday. I think its a waste of time but if it makes her happy, so be it!


Red Hair Majestic Unicorn-Female White T-Shirt L | T-Shirt | Funny Ginger Shirts

So since I was birthed by a unicorn and subsequently gave birth to another.and all of the unicorns befriend me.does that make me the redhead whisperer?

Happy Friday! 'Un ballon de rouge (a glass of red wine!) ' ?! °

Wine fun fact we all should know. Drinking wine can improve your sex life. Red wine keep us looking younger. Italy is the world’s top producer of wine.

My sister is good at that! Wonder if she'd mind following me around...

Okay, maybe a personal trainer, too, to slap me off my ass to work on my ass!

If people could read my mind, I'd get punched in the face a whole lot. LoL!

Good thing no one can read my mind…

Funny pictures about Good thing no one can read my mind. Oh, and cool pics about Good thing no one can read my mind. Also, Good thing no one can read my mind.