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The statue shown in this image is Cleopatra VII who was an Egyptian queen. She was considered as the last "Pharaoh of Egypt" during the Ptolemaic Dynasty (332-30 BC). The Black basalt statue is one of the best-preserved images of a Ptolemaic queen. She is wearing a wig with many braids and holding a cornucopia. The figure is clearly Egyptian in style, though with Greek attributes (knotted dress). The front of the headdress is decorated with a uraeus, the symbol of Egyptian royalty.

Mostra reúne arte egípcia nos EUA - 15/01/2017 - Ciencia - Fotografia - Folha de S.Paulo

Detail of the Throne chair of king Tutankhamun, bearing his previous Throne name in Shenu (cartouche): Tutankhaten. Gold cloisonné with mostly lapis lazuli blue stones, some carnelian red, and turquoise. dynasty. Cairo Egyptian museum.

Roman Egypt Mummy Painting, thought to have been made during life in anticipation . . .