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I'm not one for posting ideas for my own hypothetical wedding but god I love this dress. I'd make I'd style myself really retro and pin-up

Mint Vespa, Vespa Photo, Vintage Style, Feminine, Pastel Decor, Retro Style, Aqua Green, Vespa Photography, Vintage Vespa, Star Scooter

Listing Tools Edit Renew PromoteCopy Deactivate Delete Stats See this listing in: Translate this listing! You still haven't translated this listing into: Português. Don't worry! Translate it now. Vespa Photography, Vintage Style, Vespa Print, Pastel, Feminine, Mint Print, Mint Vespa, Retro Vespa Photograph, Green, Feminine - For me

A Rustic Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Mid Century Wedding Inspiration in Bold and Beautiful Brights

Yellow Wedding Place Setting // Photography ~ Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Beautiful moment between the bride and groom by @Retro Peacock Photography - Akron, OH Wedding Photographer | SnapKnot