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Do you ever 'break out' on your left cheek? From my experience that is caused by liver congestion & adrenal stress. What have I seen clear up skin challenges? Limit (or cut out completely) sugar, and my #OptimalU for today on page 311: Eat carrots for a mid-afternoon snack (they are a source of vitamin A, which aids liver restoration). #health #skin #food #nutrition #whatsupdoc

5 Foods That Make You Look Younger, According to Science

This Syrup Is 10x Stronger Than Penicillin – Eliminates All Bacteria And Infections From Your Organism - Herbiol

Buying and eating healthy vegetarian whole foods is often a painfully expensive pleasure. Organic products, fresh fruits and vegetables, plant milks, special flours, nuts and seeds can easily crash…

Easy homemade flavored salt recipes to get your gourmet game on

DIY flavored salts are perfect for movie night, cocktails, housewarming or hostess gifts and more.

Baked Amaranth Vegetable Patties (amaranth, carrots, zucchini, spinach, spelt flour, basil, dill, sage, oregano) These are baked, but I think would be a nice accompaniment to BBQ

Make warming, calming yogi tea from scratch. You can tweak the recipe to suit your tastes!

Hi Everyone! Do you LOVE peanut butter, but have sinus pain? Peanuts actually a toxin called aflatoxin, and I have seen from my experience, peanuts can cause an issue with yeast, which is why today's #OptimalU on page 100 says: Do you suffer from chronic sinus pain? Try eating cashew or almond butter. (Personally, the best tasting almond butter I have ever tried is from the Celtic Sea Salt & Selina Naturally brand) #health #food #almondbutter #nutrition #tip