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Intuitive Eating 3rd edition is Released! We are very excited about the release of our new edition of Intuitive Eating, which includes updates and expansions throughout. There are two brand new chapters-- Raising and Intuitive Eater: What Works with Kids and Teens and the other new chapter describes the incredible science behind Intuitive Eating (there are over 25 studies to date!). The official release date is August 7, 2012 and it can be pre-ordered on

Heart-to-Heart Time with Your Spouse – 50 things to ask each other

Heart to heart time with your spouse - how neat would it be to print these out & put in an envelope or jar, then on date night each pull out one or two questions to discuss??? Fun & insightful!

Encouraged by messages like this. This is what healing feels like: fighting against hate and the hate mongers through supporting each other. #healingthroughfighting @5by5forever @image_amplified

Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf & consuming the gel straight from the plant. You can come as close as possible to that by drinking our gel. Aloe Vera gel contains an abundance of vitamins & minerals, including the rare vitamin b12. This makes it a vital supplement for vegetarians and vegans. Folic acid, for all women planning a pregnancy, is found naturally in the gel. It provides 7 essential amino acids which are linked to cell growth, cannot be manufactured within the body from other…