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I believe in GOD. -This blog is mainly about fashion and anything related to that. - You won't see any PORN posts, SMOKING posts, DRUGS posts, or even ABUSIVE posts in my blog because I am against all of them. - I see things in life in a positive,...

"She sat there alone in the corner between the bed and walls of her small room. She was living life her own way, with her mind never ending and her hands heavy. She made her own discoveries."

Linda.... THE SILENCE OF NATURE SPEAKS VOLUMES TO ME... (Things I post have touched me or spoken to me in some little way..they represent my journey...of where I was and where I am going....Little Reflections and Expressions of Me!)

~~~ Daddy, I didn't want you to go, I didn't. I thought you would make it. I love you and miss you Dad. It feels like yesterday since you passed away. Always be near me Daddy, please. xox March ~~~

simple portrait setup -- need a reflector! You can use an automotive window shade - the pop out kind - which are super cheap at the auto parts store.

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