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Ballerina pink wrap sweater, statement necklace, white and black polka dot skirt, striped pumps and white purse // Click the following link to see outfit details and photos:

Polka dot pintucked blouse, pink pumps and black jeans //

Stripes and chambray: - button up denim shirt, navy and white stripe skirt, beau bag, navy bow belt, sunburst statement necklace, khaki and white bow purse, chartreuse pumps - work outfit //

Neutral feminine work outfit: polka dot dress - cardigan sweater - pearls - pumps //

The High Waisted Pencil Skirt: How To Wear It Everyday

This polka dot blouse is a classic look and I feel that Brooke will see the great contrast underneath the black blazer while keeping in a subtle color pallet. The look says, "I am here, I am professional, and do not forget who I am. Phyllis