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Toddler Talk: Buttons and Pipe Cleaners: A stacking activity that develops fine motor skills


Toddler Talk: Busy Fingers Bracelets

Toddler Talk: Busy Fingers Bracelets - Practicing fine motor skills with beads

Kid Talk: Straw and Marshmallow Sculptures: A fun combo of fine motor skills and art

Color sorting Pipe Cleaners: a fine motor activity and practice with colors too! #colors #preschool #tots

Toddler Talk: Reflecting Content: Using the rephrase and repeat technique during play


Toddler Talk: Picasso's Play Dough

Toddler Talk: Picasso's Play Dough: An art project inspired by the master

Toddler Talk: How To Play With Your Kid: Learning to act as your tot's assistant #theplayroom

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Teaching Spreading Skills with Blocks and Shaving Cream

Imparare a diffondere con blocchi e crema da barba

The best activities for kids including hands on learning, fine motor, science, and homemade gross motor games!

A fun colour recognition game for toddlers that also encourages gross motor skills and play!