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THE KITE - We spend our lives playing it safe and not conveying our true feelings. If we decide to unveil ourselves to become understood and known, it can be frightening – even to the strongest of spirits. I want my art to show my true feelings and thoughts. I want to truly know another and be known in return. It is those who dare to be exposed, embarrassed, even ashamed that learn truth of self. This is my Kite, and I dare to be seen flying it.

Connects to and nurtures my true spirit Feels like the next logical step Comes from within, from my heart and soul Comes from my intuition, supports self trust Intention surfaces feelings of passion, vibrancy Feels like I can't not take the action Is an action that I enjoy while I am doing it as well as the outcome Feel energized, excited, eager What does my body say? Pulls me forward Engages me, loose track of time Heaven Yes or Hell No

The is so true. I have meditated for many years and have experienced this personally. It is very powerful, it's like I have an internal switch that I can control when something angers me or I feel uncomfortable. I don't have to be held hostage by feelings or others actions. It's by new norm and a process I work with daily to improve. It's very powerful, it makes me feel more in control of my life and I also feel more connected to the rest of life. ~ AROIS

"Heavenly Father if you call my name today I will be ready. Even though I might be afraid I will move forward in faith. Even though I may feel weak I will step out in Your strength. Even though I may feel inadequate I will take hold of Your sufficiency. Even though I may feel inferior I will take hold of my true identity. Even though I may feel insecure I will take hold of the truth that I am equipped by You empowered by the Holy Spirit and enveloped in Jesus Christ. In His Name I pray…

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Blanche Devereaux is my spirit animal shirt - Unisex shirt - gift shirt - T shirt funny - group theme shirts - bridesmaid gift - funny

We've all thought it and most of us have said it aloud, but now you can wear your true feelings about Blanche. (There's also one for every lady, in case your spirit animal is another Girl!)

Lord, listen to my heart, so many things in my life, are falling apart. See, I wear a smile to hide my soul's pain, as things spiral out of control, I feel my efforts to maintain are all in vain. There's No shame in me shedding tears, I need to release all of the pressure I've held inside for so many years....I sit and ponder how this road became so tough, Am I assuming that I can be Happy and secure in my surroundings, or am I asking too much? Help me help myself, show me the Right path, to…

When i hear worship music where you know thet are in the spirit it chabges the atmosphere. I am ready to faint it is so good i just cant handle it. It puts a smile on my face. :-) I am talking about true worship not where you are trying to be cute and seen or hit the highest note where it's just you and God like no ones in the room. That feeling is something i cant even explain all the way in words. Your mind is off of everything including you its just you and God and no one else.

I am hurting. I don't feel capable of putting on a smile or getting my life together in time to show up at Hope to focus on the lost. So I considered not going. Then Holy Spirit reminded me of the dream. I must go in my broken, real state. Even if it feels like there's not room for me to be as needy as an outreach. I must try to do church His way. And trust Him with the outcome. 4.14.13 by Vickers1973