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via twitter: @FiredBigBird "Look what Mitt Romney did to me."

Funny 2016 Election Memes: Trump and the Hunger Games

The battles of my '60s novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

The funniest thing you'll see today.

no comment I'm done even trying to reason with these people I'm gonna pick my battles and politics aren't going to be a battle fought because conservative republicans are actual scum I'm sorry

Is Trump gone? I hear he wants to grab me. Kittens and cats of the world, unite.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 39 Pics

"I follow my kids' social media closely. I noticed my daughter was following Trump and his campaign on Twitter. When I asked her about it, she replied "Always know your enemy." Parenting Win! "

They should shut the fuck up too.