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For teaching cause and effect, chemical reactions,

The Sound And Sight Of 6000 Matches Being Lit Is Beyond Pleasant - Viral Thread

click through to original site to see animation. so cute.

“You, being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.”-John Watson - The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

Imagine the powerful energy when in a committed relationship with God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit may the trinity consume you.

What Type of Dragon Are You?

Gif: Fire And Water Hands With Heart Fire and ice hands and heart Love is the Water of Life. And a Lover is a soul of Fire. "The Universe turns differently when Fire Loves Water.

Polytopes in Geometry. In elementary geometry, a... - MATHEMATICS & NATURE

spring-of-mathematics: “ Polytopes in Geometry. In elementary geometry, a polytope is a geometric object with flat sides, which exists in any general number of dimensions.

Book Club III typography, 2006 © Byggstudio (Sweden & Norway). Green graphic book font .. KEEP attribution & links when repinning or posting to other social media (ie blogs, twitter, tumblr etc). Don't pin the image & erase the artist. Give credit where due. See: http://pinterest.com/picturebooklove/how-to-pin-responsibly/  -pfb

Book alphabet (sub/short lesson idea: have students design their own font/alphabet using a repeated object)

REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS! REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS! REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS! Grade 2 Worksheets Common Core Aligned 24 Pages!Common Core aligned to :CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.2.1.cUse reflexive pronouns (e.g., myself, ourselves).***download the animated GIF to see what you'll be purchasing!***Thank you so much for stopping by.Check out COLLECTIVE NOUNS here!!!COLLECTIVE NOUNS!

Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns - Grade 2 Worksheets Common Core Aligned 31 Pages! Common Core aligned to : Use reflexive pronouns (e., myself, ourselves).

SPELLING PATTERNS (Rules) Posters & Mini-Posters!There are over 100 vowel pattern posters to choose from.Choose between a Full page version or a mini-version.Great to put up in any classroom when introducing or reviewing spelling patterns.Please see the animated GIF to know what you'll be purchasing.Enjoy!Rock, Paper, Scissors

Spelling Patterns

There are over 100 vowel pattern posters to choose from. Choose between a Full page version or a mini-version.

Abstract Nouns by Rock Paper Scissors | Teachers Pay Teachers

Abstract Nouns

Abstract Nouns - Abstract Nouns in an animal theme!: PowerPoint or PDF version and 4 Printables! **************************************************************************** Common core aligned to Use abstract nouns (e.