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12V Kids Ride-on Car Licensed Bentley Bacalar Battery Powered Toy Car Electric Vehicle with Remote Control and Wireless Connection - Green

Product details
Allow kids to enjoy the fun of driving with our licensed Bentley ride-on car! Officially licensed by Bentley Bacalar, this ride-on toy has 2 powerful motors for excellent performance. Kids can experience a realistic driving experience with the steering wheel, control lever, and foot pedal. Besides, parents can choose to control the car if kids are too small to drive by themselves. With a multifunctional panel, you can connect your phone and realize track selection as well as volume adjustment. The white headlights, red rear lights, and lighted dashboard bring extra fun. More importantly, the large and textured wheels with a spring suspension system on the rear ensure smooth driving. While the slow start is safer than the normal start. Furthermore, there are 2 charging ways. One is to charge through the charging hole and the other is to detach the battery for direct charging.
Main Features
●Officially Licensed Bentley Bacalar: This licensed Bentley ride-on car has a super cool appearance that is very attractive to kids. Double doors with locks and air bars and realistic wing mirrors mimic the look of a real Bentley. Additionally, 2 × 12V powerful motors and 12V rechargeable batteries ensure excellent performance.
● Stable and Safe Driving Experience: The rear wheel of the toddler electric car adopts a spring suspension system, making the ride smoother. In addition, the spacious seats are equipped with safety belts to ensure children's safety. The slow start function prevents sudden start from scaring children.
●Two Modes with Variable Speeds: There are two modes to choose from, suitable for children of different ages. For younger children, parents can use a remote control to control the car for them. For older folks, they can enjoy a more immersive experience with a functional steering wheel, levers, and foot pedals. Child driving mode has 2 speeds and parent control mode has 3 speeds.
● Multiple Entertainment Features: This licensed Bentley features sound, engine sounds, music, and storytelling so young children can enjoy the driving experience. Additionally, you can connect your phone via a USB port, AUX port, and wireless connection to play your kids’ favorite songs. Additionally, bright LED lights add to the driving pleasure.
● Hassle-free Assembly and Charging: This kid's battery-powered car comes with detailed instructions and complete accessories for easy assembly. Additionally, since the battery is removable for easy charging, there are 2 different charging methods to choose from. Or you can charge your car using the convenient charging port.
Table view of description
PP, PE, Metal
Product Dimension
42.5" x 25.5" x 18"
Size of Seat
13" x 8" (W x D)
Height of Backrest
Diameter of Wheels
Net Weight
31 lbs
Weight Capacity
66 lbs
Suitable Ages
37-96 Months Old
Speed Range
1.9-3.1 mph 3-5 km
12V RPM 12000
12V 7AH
Charging Time
8-12 Hours
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