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Yelp App for Android : Looking for burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you may drive to before your tank hits empty? Yelp an app for Android is here to help.

New Yelp Partnerships: Yellow Pages and Yahoo!

Yelp - A great App to find places to eat, shop, drink, and relax etc.

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Physical Therapy Marketing - Is Yelp Advertising Worth It? - E-rehab

Does Writing Negative Reviews on Yelp Set You Up For Potential Lawsuits?

Think you can ignore Yelp? Studies show a rating increase in Yelp ratings can increase revenue by to

Consumers More Likely to Read Reviews for Restaurants Than Banks

Today Yelp announced it’s acquired an online food ordering service and longtime Yelp partner.

5 Steps to Getting Your Business Ranked on Yelp: Fill out profile; Ask for reviews; Filtering; Respond; "Yelp Deal";

5 Steps to Getting Your Business Ranked on Yelp

Berkeley economists reveal how much Yelp ratings can matter to restaurant business (Spoiler: a lot)

New Tool Allows Businesses to Track Money Made from Yelp from Skadeedle

The new Yelp Revenue Estimation tool can help local businesses. It helps businesses measure lead generation & helps advertisers measure the impact of Yelp.