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DS9's "Our Man Bashir" 21 Years Later "Our Man Bashir" one of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's most-entertaining hours aired on November 27 1995 -- or a mind-boggling 21 years ago today. The episode in which the DS9 crew replaced the characters in Dr. Bashir's secret-agent holosuite program following a transporter issue (rather than a holosuite malfunction) was pure 007-style fun. takes a Bond er fond look back at "Our Man Bashir" with these details figures and anecdotes: Ronald…

"andihegedus: Finally some work to post! Yay! This is one of my favorite lines from Spirited Away. I painted it as a reminder to myself to always finish projects completely (even if I think they will turn out horribly). It’s worth the time spent! And usually the end result is better than expected! If not, hey, it’s all good practice. acrylic on canvas, 2’ x 3’."

The original caption reads: "Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, featured in Paramount's No Man of Her Own, aren't proud. They usually sit at the lunch counter with the rest of the hard-working studio employees."

Two strobes with color gels, one on each side, subtle touch of color. When I want a very thin rim light on the model’s cheek, I usually point the colored light approximately at the back of the model’s head.