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Greek Mythology Unit. Making Hummus with my students at the end of our Greek Mythology Unit! (Link to the entire unit included in post)

MythWeb: This "guaranteed kidsafe" site is appropriate for students and teachers with an interest in Greek mythology. Appealing and colorful cartoons (some animated) depict the world of Greek gods and heroes.

Greek Mythology Activity Book with Stories from TeachingintheSunshine on (31 pages) - Common Core aligned Greek Mythology unit including kid friendly stories, activities and BINGO!

A Mythology Unit For Elementary Students

Each kid presents a Greek mythological character. It could be cool to have a character of the day throughout the unit and then the kids would be briefly exposed to a bunch of different gods.

In this free research assignment students research different gods, goddesses, creatures and humans from Greek Mythology. I had my students work individually at home and I had them pick names from a hat. You can have them work in groups and do it in class using laptops if you wish. Some of my students prepared PowerPoint presentations, some made posters and others just made a speech. The CCSS for grades 6-12 are included.

FREE Partner Play script related to Greek Mythology! Improve reading fluency with this Read to Someone activity for upper elementary students.

This four week mythology unit allows students to do an independent study on specific mythological characters as well as work collaboratively to form a creative presentation about a specific culture's mythological beliefs. Students learn about Mythology in Ancient Cultures, the 7 Elements of Culture, the History of Storytelling, and how mythology has influenced our lives today. Independently, students create a booklet after researching a specific mythological creature.