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These 23 photos prove Google has the coolest offices around the world

These hanging pods in the Chicago office look super comfortable — and can act as a meeting space.

Headspace's State-of-the-Art Meditation Pods

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heathfield co produces range of bespoke lighting installations (Designboom)

creative lighting designers, heathfield & co has unveiled a range of bespoke light installations that seek to challenge and enhance hotel lobbies, receptions, staircases, atriums and restaurants. the designs are developed as sculptural focal points for specific areas within large interior spaces. wanting to achieve a maximum impact within the environments they occupy, the pieces have the ability to transform existing settings through their use of material, shape and form.

High ceilings, black and white color palette and classic furnishings make this long living room high on style.D- love the curtains but there arent windows on the other side... maybe something else could have mimics the bold mirrors!

Gallery of Olivia Balmes Hotel / Álex Ibáñez Walter, Sara Galmán Gracia - 9

This the kind of lighting that will reflect on the dictator followers in a meeting room with a flashing light announcing his entrance as he likes to show off.

Part Number LF704000 Item Weight 2.4 pounds Product Dimensions 3*3*13cm (1.2 x 1.2 x 5.1 inches) Assembled Height 5.12 inches Assembled Length 1.18 inches Assembled Width 1.18 inches Style Antique Fin

Gallery of VIL / Domaen - 5

Completed in 2015 in Pasadena, United States. Images by Paul Vu. The project VIL is an interior build-out in an existing warehouse for the Los Angeles headquarters of the content and production agency Conscious...