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Bespoke Iroko Wall Mounted Bench - Bespoke street furniture

Product: Wall Mounted Victory Rack


Garden Pull-Up/chin-up Bar

Outdoor pull up bar - make it strong enough to hang on for monkey bar conditioning

How to make an outdoor pull-up bar: Fitstream: DIY fitness equipment

diy pull up bars for kids - Google Search

Transforming a playset into an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Found on Pinnacle Parkour's Facebook page. Pic 2 of 2

By The Hulk is a fantastic apparatus for children to have immense fun on whilst developing physical, mental and social skills. At two metres high the children have to negotiate the challenging monkey bars. All this will increase their upper body strength, awareness of danger and social interaction with fellow pupils and by learning how to take turns. The Hulk's frame is made of sustainable and long lasting redwood timber -