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This decribes us to a tee. Talking in bed until early in the morning, water fights, arguing over who's right (lol) and always protecting each other no matter what!

i like how i found this because everyday he tells me that he loves my smile and how i have to look up to talk to him :)))

from I Love My LSI

Find each other

I believe, no matter how bad the fight, as long as our feet find each other underneath the sheets, everything will be alright.

from I Love My LSI

All a Girl Wants Is For You to Fight For Her

I love you more than anything baby girl. I don't give a shit what anybody else thinks of us or how we started out or how we began. It is you and me that is all that matters. Let the haters sour their lives and sour their souls sour their spirits and destroy their own hearts with the hate they have for us because the love I have for you casts a shadow over any of that