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Autism...not sure who did this but love sentiment if not the properly wording bit

Behavior or Communication? What we sometimes see as a failure to behave properly is actually a failure to communicate properly.

Autism success

Autism, where every success is worth more than money can buy. This brings tears to my eyes! Ohhh so true!

Autism and Empathy explained

Autism Fact - we do not lack empathy . only cognitive empathy and that's totally different to affective and compassionate empathy which is what you are thinking of when you read or hear the word empathy!

Illuminate with Honesty.   Educate for Understanding.   Spread Awareness.

not a tragedy. Women's Dark T-Shirt

Autism isn't a tragedy. Ignorance is a tragedy. April is Autism Awareness Month. Love is unconditional

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Autism awareness for my Adam Gregory! One of the most amazing boys I know

Autism --- http://tipsalud.com -----

Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he hosts, James Grundvig, to discuss corruption at the CDC and the link between autism and vaccines.