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Ring Tailed Lemurs - in danger of extinction. How can we be so stupid to keep making human babies and kill off all the other amazing creatures!?

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Top 10 irreplaceable nature reserves on Earth - in pictures

Red ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) are found in rainforests of the Atsinanana, Madagascar

Animals who look adorable and funny when they're eating
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Animals who look adorable and funny when they're eating

19 funny and cute images of animals eating that will make you smile at least for a second. They look so adorable, and funny in the same time!

Malayan Colugo | Low C H, Flickr ✿⊱╮ Galeopyerus variegatus--The Sunda flying lemur--found throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is NOT a lemur and it does NOT fly; it glides as it leaps among trees' canopies. It is a skillful climber but is helpless on the ground. Eats leaves mostly, but also buds, shoots, coconut flowers, fruits, and certain tree saps.

PHILIPPINE EAGLE (Pithecophaga jefferyi) - one of the largest and most powerful Eagles in the world. It is found only in the Philippines in thick, mountainous forests. Preys upon small to medium-sized large mammals, including flying lemurs, civets, flying squirrels, fruit bats, and macaques, medium-sized birds, snakes, and lizards. One of the most endangered raptors in the world. Also called the Monkey-eating Eagle.