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The only thing better than dad jokes are dad texts. In honor of the day on which we honor fathers everywhere, here are 10 that are sure to have you appreciating the immense wit and wisdom that can only be produced paternally.

GirlfriendDude i fell off a fifty foot ladder just now | Really r u ok | Ya luckily i was only on the second step | U jerk u scared me

JohnDude you have to hear this! | OMG dude no way I was about to tell you something! Both on 3, ready? 1.... | 2.... | 3! | I was at the coffee shop and I put my name as 'Primrose Everdeen', but when they called the name, some douchbag stole my spotlight and took my coffee! | At the coffee shop, they called primrose everdeen, and I started screaming 'I VOLUNTEER!!!!' and took the coffee. LOL!!