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Foraging with Kids

Kids can help prepare wild edibles, such as these morels | Homestead Honey

Getting lost or stranded in the middle of the wilderness is a real case scenario for which every outdoor enthusiast should be prepared. Such an event could happen to you when you’re hiking through a new path, mountain biking over a trail, or out camping with your family. And no matter the amount of food …


13 Pioneer Skills You May Need

13 Pioneer Skills You May Need. No matter why you prep or what you believe, it's just common sense to know how to do most of them.

FamZoo - Preparing Kids for the "Wild" - recommended by a friend. Here's what she said... "I started a new allowance/chore system with the kids. I've had them in the past, but the biggest crutch has been my consistency--I wouldn't have the right denomination of cash, I would forget to pay, the kids never carried their money with them, so I still ended up buying things but forgetting to take the money from them when we got home, etc. SO, the new system is AMAZING. It's all virtual...

from Mom Prepares

How to Keep Warm and Dry When You're In the Woods Overnight

from Premeditated Leftovers

Family Movie and Family Game Night Ideas

Finding Nemo- Goldfish crackers, Nemo fruit snacks, hot dogs cut in the shape of an octopus, there are tons of ocean themed food ideas out t...