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Global Warming and Climate Change | Created in #free @Piktochart #Infographic Editor at

Global Warming and Climate Change | Created in #free @Piktochart #Infographic Editor at

"Climate Change is REAL. ...We need to support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters or the big corporations." --Leonardo Dicaprio #BernieOrBust #FeelTheBern

Climate change is real, not a hoax created by the Chinese to make us less competitive, Mr. Trump. The earth is not just 6000 years old, Mr. Pence. Can we have grown ups, please?

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How to help solve Global Warming

This is EXCELLENT & worth reading in its entirety. It explains with the help of illustrations what global warming is, the consequences for our planet & its ecosystems & the potential threat to the human population. Most important, it says how each & everyone of us can help slow it down.

2/19 "Global Warming: Scientific Consensus vs. The Climate Skeptics" Is it all a myth? Skeptics try and reason against scientists main arguments for climate change. A basic explanation of the current situation, from two different points of view, and potential solutions to the climate change problem. Designed by Shawn Murdock. 2010.