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I like this drawing, it's so pretty!- FNAF Foxy and the Mangle

I ship foxy and mangle, at first I thought chica and foxy then I'm like nah, no hate pls ppl have there own opiniond

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Well of course! They're my family!<<<<mangle doesn't need fixed because she is perfect the way she is

Foxy, Springtrap y Mangle

Foxy, Springtrap Mangle thats my ship

Bite of '87!! My friend said I'm the boss of this game mainly bc my friends mom is the graphic artist for the animatronics in fnaf 1,2, and the upcoming 3... She has me working on a dog.... BC the series will keep going on... So she's giving me 150$ per animatronic I make! I will post em!!

I feel so bad for Foxy more than Mike because Foxy could never apologize. Its so sad. But, than again I have a heart and I feel bad for Mike. I mean Foxy was his friend.and to Mike, Foxy betrayed him.

five nights at Freddy's | Foxy and Foxina/Mangle (Five Nights at Freddy's) by colorprisma

Foxy and Mangle (Five Nights at Freddy's) by colorprisma on DeviantArt

Me and my love snugling

MandoPony - Survive The Night (Five Nights At Freddy& 2 Song) by anime - world on SoundCloud