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Bowling Ball Yard Art

bowling ball yard art, crafts, Bee ignore the green tape it is holding the wings in place while they dry

Bowling Ball Yard Art

I made these bowling balls into bees. I sanded, spray painted yellow and painted on the stripes and faces. I caulked the finger holes to hold the antenna and wi...

Handmade/Upcycled Vintage Barn Yoke Hanging Chandelier, Rustic Lighting

How to Make Mirrored Gazing Balls for the Garden

To make your own gazing ball, take an old bowling ball (try to use one with the finger holes close together so that the holes can be hidden easier) and clean the ball well with rubbing alcohol to make sure the paint adheres good. Spray with a mirror-like spray paint, like 'Krylon Looking Glass' and 'Krylon Origional Chrome' metallic paints. See tutorial at

In its former life it was a bowling ball until I covered it with old dishes no one else wanted! The hands, bought from a local garden center, and intended for bird seed, make a great holder. Pique assiette.