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Basset Hound Running In The Snow Hilarious Photograph

my Peanut looks EXACTLY like this and DOES exactly that lol

This perfectly describes living with a basset hound.

from The Dodo

15 Puppies Seeing Snow For The First Time Will Warm Your Cold Winter Heart

Basset Hound Puppy. One day, I shall own two basset hounds. I shall name them Cadbury and Beacon, after my greatest loves: CHOCOLATE!

Huckleberry the Basset Hound. Oh my goodness, those ears!! Too cute

* * " We wuz originally bred fer huntin' to beez able to truck down burrows. Az a result, we nows suffer from basically de same health problems az Munchkin cats. Spinal and leg hurtin'."

Basset hound with butterfly on its head. #PANDORAloves #Animals