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Nerd Girl Problem - I hate it when they ask you what you were laughing or talking about. Most of the time they we never get it lol

You just want to talk about a book, movie, TV show, subject, or game all the time, but don't because you don't want to annoy everyone.

from Dawn Serene

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"Oh I'll just email you my Think Geek wishlist... Yes, it is a real website. No, they don't have a store at your mall." <<< THIS IS LITERALLY MY LIFE OMG

True story! I went out on a date and the guy I were eating dinner and he "died" of embarrassment at one point, and just kind of slumped over, and he wouldn't "wake up" so to speak, so i just sat there and kept eating and after a bit i said, "I'll just wait for you to respawn" and he imminently sat up straight and said, "You are officially the best date I've ever had!"