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Delhi 6 (2009) American born Abhishek Bachchan takes his dying grandmother back to the family house in Delhi. In spite of being practically beaten to death and shot he decides there is no place that he'd rather be. Amitabh Bachchan has a cameo playing Abhi's grandfather in a near death experience. The whole movie is a bit of a hot mess...but with Abhi starring, the emphasis is on hot.

babul a movie on a father in law (Amitabh Bachchan) supporting his daughter in law (Rani Mukherjee) after the death of his son (Salman Khan) and their fight against the society...a must watch on www,zengatv.com

Guzaarish (2010) Hrithik Roshan plays a quadaraplegic radio host ex-magician who wants to die. Aishwayra Rai is his longtime nurse. Beautiful art direction...beautiful people...sad story.

Marigold (2007) Salman Khan and Ali Larter. Hollywood meets Bollywood. If you just can't spend 3 hours reading sub-titles, this 2 hour 20 minute movie is in English. It's been a bit since I saw this, but I seem to remember a bit of bad language (mostly near the beginning).

Mohabbatein (2000) Note to Director: If you must cast Uday Chopra in a movie, please, please, please put a shirt on him - a shirt with sleeves. Also, I hope you didn't spend too much hiring Amitabh, because you really could have his part played by a cardboard cutout of him (as an angry Old man) and spent a little more on editing. The end.

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