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Fall seven times stand up eight.
"Love" in Arabic Underbutt tattoo...yaaassss! I want one!
50 of the Most Beautiful Owl Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning for the Nocturnal Animal in You | KickassThings
The 7 Chakras colours and symbols. This would be super cute down the spine
Getting a tattoo is one way that some people express themselves. Since primitive times, tattoos have become a symbol for bravery, art, expression, status, etc. Others often get a tattoo in order to be in with peers who has one, and find it cool. No matter what your reason is for getting a tattoo, the importance is that you get the kind of tattoo that you want.
Small Tattoos cat paws #meow.. I want a #cat #tattoo so bad!
Zentangle Patterns: #Zentangle Patterns
I like it but without the big butterfly
Self-Esteem; Tattoos are an expression of one's self and every one is unique. Getting a new tattoo makes me feel confident and proud to be able to express myself.