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German Fallschirmjäger paratroopers inspecting a captured American Thompson sub machine gun date unknown [441x648]

Fallschirmjägers avec une une mitraillette Thompson américain trouvée quelque part dans les Ardennes, Belgique. Fallschirmjägers with an found American Thompson submachine gun somewhere in the Ardennes, Belgium.

Airborne Division of German paratroopers (6th Fallschirmjager Regiment) who died in the Battle of the Sainteny Karen (Carentan), France. A Nazi Schiwmmwagen (VW166), seen in the background, was destroyed by 2 American soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division. American Red Cross soldiers, also shown, are inspecting the carnage...

World War II, U.s. Paratroopers Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

World War II, U.S. paratroopers inspecting parachutes before taking off on maneuvers in England, circa 1942.

544 x 800 pixels - 119 KB Colorized image of Fallschirmjäger examine a captured Thompson sub-machine gun