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Want to get more out of Scripture, but not sure how? Maybe a verse or Scripture section confuses you...hey, we've all been there! Understanding Scripture helps you better understand God and can provide a deeper relationship with Him. In this post, http://SpirituallyHungry.com provides 7 easy tips for helping you better understand Scripture.

Can you maintain a grateful attitude for EVERY day of November? In this freebie bundle, we're providing you a guidebook with daily Scripture readings, prayers and thankfulness challenges. In addition, a special Thanksgiving family activity, printables included!

We need to be memorizing Scripture for those moments of fear, anxiety, bitterness, anger, uncertainty and more! Learn to hide God's Word in your heart with this technique that will help you to memorize Scripture & actually remember it!

Add some sparkle to your day with prayer and scripture cards. Bible verses combine with heart-felt prayers to lift your day. Free download for subscribers.

Thank you Lord for shutting that door and giving me peace. I finally see why I had to let that go. The light cannot shine in darkness! I am not going to go back to a life of confusion and sin. It's perfectly clear to me now..I have a better understanding of how you take care of your children. Thank you Jesus.

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