Improving the quality and vitality of people lives is a shared vision, Eat For Life's, Chef Kenny and Vitamix, the world's most durable blender, believes in. This video highlights the delicious Frozen Strawberry Grape Smoothie, benefits of whole-food blending and Vitamix founder William G. Barnard. Let's Eat For Life!

JHS vs Helena 1970 Season Finale - This is a link to watch this game and download this game to your computer as a WMV file. Just click on the film clip above.

Written, Directed and Animated by Lukas Vojir { } Voice by Alan Baxter Featured on: Thank you!

from youtube-For decades, scientists thought that the adult human brain was static and unchanging. But in the last few decades, we have learned that the adult brain is more dynamic than we ever imagined! This short film was created for the Society for Neuroscience 2011 Brain Awareness Video Contest. Written, directed, and edited by Neil Losin and Liz Losin. Featuring music by Dan Warren (

Free Ebook - Your Heart and Nutrition - Find out which nutrients have the best benefits for your heart and health.

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