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I took a trip home for Valentine's weekend and had such a lovely time with my parents, sister and boyfriend featuring a shopping trip, tea in Bury St Edmunds and a morning walk around the Norfolk coast.

My boyfriend, G, came to stay with me at York for the weekend and we had a lovely time being tourists - take a look at our adventures!

My boyfriend came to visit me up in York; our weekend involved a ridiculously long walk, more baked goods than we could cope with, and a beautiful day in my city.

After much thought, consideration and planning, and now that I’ve got a little more time on my hands, things are go…

Yep, you read that right. I’ve honestly no idea what I did to deserve my spell in the tenth circle of hell, but last Tuesday my laptop charger cable literally snapped. I'll be honest: it’s not been the best time of my life. But all the same I’ve learned a lot in the past seven days about how important this little machine is to the day-to-day functioning of my entire life – so to mark my return to the blogosphere (for real this time), here are the top five…

Yesterday (on his mum’s recommendation) G and I took a trip to Wyken Vineyards near Bury St Edmunds. Wyken is a 1200-acre farm and estate including the seven-acre vineyard which produces award-winning wines, including English Wine of the Year. We went along to try out their restaurant, the Leaping Hare, but before we sat down fr cake we couldn’t resist taking the short walk through the meadow and ancient forest to the vineyards themselves to take a look.

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University of York

It's almost inevitable that you'll feel down at some point during your time at university. Here are ten things you can do straight away to get you on the right track towards feeling better.

From cupcakes to house viewings, this term was perhaps even busier than my first. Even though I’m getting used to the university lifestyle now, there’s always something going on and I’m learning all the time. Here are the top ten things I’ve taken away from my second semester studying Literature at York.

Now I’ve been back home for a week after the end of my second semester at university, it’s high time I took a look back at the term and see how I fared in achieving my goals over the ten weeks.