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Explore Annual Exam, Dog Dr and more!

Margaret's Annual Exam Get a behind-the-scenes look at how [National Aquarium] trained Margaret, [their] hyacinth macaw, to voluntarily participate in her annual exam with [their] vet staff!

from National Aquarium - WATERblog

Turtle Tuesday: Baby Northern Australian Snapping Turtle!

This baby northern Australian snapping turtle was born behind-the-scenes at the Aquarium on February 14th! #TurtleTuesday

Ms. Bo is one of the many clients at our Animal House Boarding facility! Learn more here:

from National Aquarium - WATERblog

Animal Update – January 10

Learn more about the guineafowl puffer that is now on exhibit in Blacktip Reef! #AnimalUpdate

from National Aquarium - WATERblog

Move Over Royal Baby, Puffin Chick Born at National Aquarium!

Another shot of our adorable new addition!

PUCKER UP! It's time for a very special #NewYears Eve version of our #AnimaloftheWeek - the Longhorn Cowfish! MWAH!

Amazing #AnimaloftheWeek - Upside-Down Jellyfish

from National Aquarium - WATERblog

Animal Update – January 17

We have a toadfish on exhibit in Maryland: Mountains to the Sea!

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Shark Week! Click to meet the many shark species that call the Aquarium home (including blacktip reef sharks, pictured above)!

The small, disc-shaped bangaii cardinalfish is easily recognized by its tasseled first dorsal fin; long, tapering second dorsal fin; and deeply forked tail, or caudal fin. #AnimaloftheWeek