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See next image for info = here are all the different worldwide DVD zones ie UK = zone 2 = ps zone 0 is universal ( well maybe not everywhere in the universe though !! ) but zone 0 will play in EVERY area so if you see zone 0 you are OK ✅

If you supported a Racist for POTUS you DO support racism. END OF STORY! If it's ok with you that Trump rallies featured racist chants, tee shirts, hats, pins, signs and balloons YOU ARE a Racist.

How to Write a First Draft: A Novel Approach

Go for good and give yourself the time to make it better. Setting artificial deadlines can work. Approach your teacher or ask a friend or family member to help you finish a rough draft (or even an outline) prior to the project's due date. (View only)

Excerpt from a book I will never write #677