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aw my heart bc thats the day after i broke up with my girlfriend we had been dating since 9.24.16. i know im shitty for breaking up with her right before our anniversary

Meet @rachelringwood : . -45 pounds. 1 year later. I figured since I get asked a lot about my fitness/ Life Journey I should actually post a before and after photo. The photo on the Left was after I moved to Miami and was Introduced to Miami Lifestyle (late night drinking ) and LATIN food. My dad is a chef so you know I had to TRY everything!! I slowly started gaining weight over the span of 2 years. I was MADLY in Loveworking A lot and Eating irregularly. Lets go back to the Start (I've…

별 내리는 밤 (Starry night) by 애뽈 on

다락방 침대에 누워 천장의 창문을 바라보면 창밖 너머 밤하늘의 별들이 내게로 사르르 쏟아져 내려요. 별 하나, 별 둘. 서로 정답게 숫자를 세며 이야기를 나누다 보니 어느새 나도 모르게 스르륵 포근한 잠에 듭니다. Whenever I lie down at the bed of my attic and look at the window above, the night stars through the window fall on me. One star, two stars. After counting the stars and chatting together, I fell into comfy sleep before I knew it.

"Whew" I said, cleaning my sweat off of my forehead. Its been four hours of training and I decided to go and take a shower. After taking a shower I heard Zelda call " Link, dinners ready". I sat down eating some steak and a glass of water while seeing my wife wash the dishes. Then we went to bed, but before I closed my eyes, I touched Zelda's hip as she touched my cheek and I told her " I love you" and kissed me, then whispered " I love you too" while I held her hand and fell asleep.

I do not deny that I loved her. Long before I set eyes on you, she was my first, perfect, untouchable love.

2 nights ago it was like midnight and I decided to do all my homework and clean my room and after I finished I read 2 chapters of my book before my mom realized I was still up and made me go to sleep...but I don't have any homework this weekend or any chores!! ;)

Before + After Checklists for Your Blog Posts (and a Free Download

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"It is impossible for us to desire the right things all the time. Our wills and affections often lag behind our knowledge. I know I should exercise more but the desire is sometimes absent. I know I should pray more but my heart is often cold. Does that mean that when I do exercise or pray after some self-convincing Im not really exercising or praying? Of course not. Its better to desire everything we ought but we need not wait to feel rightly before we act rightly. In Mere Christianity…

OH MAMA WE FOUND A WHOLE FOODS HERE. It's our last night in London before we head to Amsterdam and we happened to find THIS. Oh my goodness I didn't realize how much my body was CRAVING healthy foods after a lunch of a VERY decadent risotto and salad with cheese and nuts my body needed something low-fat and green I almost CRIED I of course went to the salad bar and got spinach, corn, black beans, wild rice, quinoa, pecans, cranberries, and then a curried cauliflower salad I topp...