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Rudolf Schlichter, Damenkneipe (Ladies' Dive) (1923). The picture was with a story republished by The New York Review of Books, "Aschinger."

Mid Century Modern poster, mid century print, Abstract art Poster, Modernist retro composition, minimalist poster A3

Modigliani Art Experience NYC

Storage Room in Niederschönhausen Castle for Confiscated Works of Degenerate Art, including Works by Pablo Picasso and Wilhelm Lehmbruck (1937). All art that did not correspond to the National Socialist aesthetic was deemed “degenerate.” The category included modern and avant-garde works by the Expressionists, Impressionists, Surrealists, and the Fauves, works by artists of Jewish descent, and socially critical works, such as those by Käthe Kollwitz.

Anite Ree 1929 In 1919, Jewish artist. Founding member of the avant-garde Hamburg Secessionist group in Germany. Works of art by the Secessionists were classified by the Nazis as degenerate art. In 1933, she committed suicide. She wrote to a friend, "I can no longer live in such a world and have no other wish than to depart that to which I no longer belong..."

Jeanne Mammen (German, 1890 – 1976) Karneval, c. 1931 Watercolor and pencil on paper. Depicting the social emacipation of women in Weimar republic Germany.