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A great overall design of a horse In the clouds. Attention to detail was pain in the edges of the feet, mane and tail. The body can be clearly identified, yet is not perfect, giving a view of realism. Great concept and very cute design!

pronunciation | “nU-bi-‘vA-gant #nubivagant, personal favorites, clouds, sky, moving through clouds, origin: latin, N, weird words, unusual words, lovely words, strange words, definitions,

Angelic - Strange Cloud Shapes - Bing Images

Jar with dragons amid clouds, Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Reign of the Jiajing emperor (1522-1566)

@brittany just made my day! And I adore clouds! And I love the daily odd compliments!

hail storm | Nebraska hail storm clouds by Briny

Mammatus clouds over Nebraska

Mammatus clouds over Nebraska. One of the pretty sights of nature, Mammatus clouds, only occur where cumulonimbus clouds are present. It is usually linked to the after effect of tornadoes

Lightning Storm& Tornado!

22 Viral Pictures That Were Actually Fake

Hands Of God In The Clouds !

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