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Charcoal, Bronze, Winter White, and Sangria Wedding Color Palette - custom color palette created at

Ampersand Print - Watercolor & - Archival Print from my Original Illustration - 8"x10", 5"x7", 9"x12" or 11"x14"

Macarons is a display type based on the classic Garamond typeface. It’s inspired by the foodie culture and the slow food movement, which began as a rebellion against fast food and has now grown to a global scale. Every day, thousands of people around the world take pictures of their food, look for new recipes to try and recover old ones, enjoy wine-pairing, and value locally produced food. <br><br> Macarons is a fresh and spontaneous looking typeface that has been designed by Coto Mendoza…

For those of you who may wonder why some ampersands don’t look like the symbol we are typically used to, the reason is that many ampersands from older typefaces are actually ligatures of the letters “et,” latin for “and”. Garamond Italic is a good example. This however, is hand drawn.