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Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader

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True, but wish they had spelled "likely" correctly. :/ Hard-right Republicans' rejection of basic economics is just the latest example of how they have abandoned rational thought and refuse to accept established scientific facts.

Trump was still saying Obama's birth certificate was fake last year. I'm not sure the guy who holds fake press conferences, has a fake university, a fake foundation, fake hair and a fake tan should be in charge of deciding what's real. - Seth Meyers

Funny Quotes About Donald Drumpf by Comedians and Celebrities: Seth Meyers on Trump's Birther Charade


Westboro idiots "As it turns out, God actually hates small-minded, bigoted, blind fanatics." Welcome to Hell!

[to read later] This is Worth Fighting For: Our Future is Up for Grabs November 6th

LOVE the pistol as the hammer – can you say badass? I hope you all are able to get out and cast your vote today! Voting is a right that this country has worked hard for.

FACTS....DO NOT CHERRY PICK LIKE YOU DO THE BIBLE!!! 29a8ed1e32f4c456567d7393d9ba9571.jpg 720×745 pixels

Damn those pesky facts! - I am Christian, but it is time for people to realize that America is not a Christian nation, but a nation that accepts all religions and lifestyles.

It didn't start with Gas Chambers. It started with politicians playing on the Prejudices of a Christian Nation. It started with a message of Us versus Them. It started with Intolerance and Hate Speech. It started with Denying Basic Rights. It started with Burning Houses of Worship. It started with Ordinary Citizens Turning a Blind Eye.

We must not EVER turn a blind eye again. but hate, religion and racism, with the GOP are starting this all again! Listen to ANY GOP presidential candidate.

Ohhhh My - If you Don't know History, it can be REPEATED!

How religion and propaganda are used to keep voters captive to the greedy ideology of corrupt corporations and their paid, political puppets