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Sight Words Game (First Grade Dolch Words) - "ONE" Plays Like UNO

The Mean, Median, and Mode Card Game

Fifth Grade Probability & Statistics Activities: The Mean, Median, and Mode Card Game from

Miss G loves playing all sorts of card games, so when I came across Make Ten, a simple game that focuses math skills and uses just a generic deck of cards, I knew it would be a total hit. {this post contains affiliate links} The idea came from this awesome book that’s brand new to…

Math Stars (Grades 1-8) - site states - The purpose of Math Stars is to challenge students beyond the classroom setting. Good problems can inspire curiosity about number relationships and geometric properties. It is hoped that in accepting the challenge of mathematical problem solving, students, their parents, and their teachers will be led to explore new mathematical horizons.

Number sequences. Counting from any number. More and less. Need: tactile (here, I used small rocks); Deck of number cards; 1 more, 1 less cards, whiteboard. Set up the shown. Review "more" and "less" using the tactiles. Review "1 more" and "1 less". Then segue into the activity: Deal a card. Have your tutee copy the number in the middle and think through one more and one less than that number. Your tutee may use the tactiles if necessary.

Real Numbers System Card Sort (Rational, Irrational, Integers, Whole, & Natural)

Great activity for 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1 Students to practice sorting the real numbers into Irrational, Rational, Integers, Whole, and Natural/Counting Numbers!