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Cleome isomeris. Bladder Bush. Large, deciduous native butterfly larval host. Full sun. Fast grower.


Ageratum corymbosum. Butterfly mist. Native, evergreen deciduous shrub. Full sun/part shade. Fast/moderate grower.

Dalea lutea. Yellow Bush Dalea. Non-native evergreen shrub. Butterfly larval host. Blooms in fall. Full sun/part shade.


Dalea pulchra. Bush Dalea. Native evergreen groundcover. Likes good drainage. Showy when in bloom. Butterfly larval source. Full sun. Moderate-fast grower.


Dalea lumholtzii. Lumholtzii Prairie clover. Native shrub. Extremely fragrant foliage similar to lemon verbena (Aloysia citriodora). RARE. Butterfly larval host. Full sun/part shade.


Dalea versicolor v. sessilis. Weeping Dalea/Indigo Bush. Native evergreen groundcover. Great performer, butterfly larval source, flowers from Fall to Spring. Full sun/part shade. Moderate grower.


Dalea candida. White Prairie Clover. Native herbaceous perennial shrub. Pollinator plant. Butterfly larval host. Part shade. Moderate grower.


Dalea frutescens. Snowflake (creeping) Sage/Black Dalea. Native evergreen groundcover. Greener, brighter flowers than D. greggii. Tough. Citrus odor. Butterfly larval host. Full sun. Fast grower.


Anisacanthus quadrifidus v. wrightii. Flame Anisacanthus/Wright's Desert Honeysuckle. Chihuahuan native herbaceous perennial. Tough once established, hummingbird pollinated, butterfly larval host. Full sun (best)/part shade. Fast/moderate grower.


Lavatera shrub; summer/fall; 6'; full sun