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Dalea lutea. Yellow Bush Dalea. Non-native evergreen shrub. Butterfly larval host. Blooms in fall. Full sun/part shade.

Dalea pulchra. Bush Dalea. Native evergreen groundcover. Likes good drainage. Showy when in bloom. Butterfly larval source. Full sun. Moderate-fast grower.

Dalea lumholtzii. Lumholtzii Prairie clover. Native shrub. Extremely fragrant foliage similar to lemon verbena (Aloysia citriodora). RARE. Butterfly larval host. Full sun/part shade.

Dalea versicolor v. sessilis. Weeping Dalea/Indigo Bush. Native evergreen groundcover. Great performer, butterfly larval source, flowers from Fall to Spring. Full sun/part shade. Moderate grower.

Dalea candida. White Prairie Clover. Native herbaceous perennial shrub. Pollinator plant. Butterfly larval host. Part shade. Moderate grower.

Dalea frutescens. Snowflake (creeping) Sage/Black Dalea. Native evergreen groundcover. Greener, brighter flowers than D. greggii. Tough. Citrus odor. Butterfly larval host. Full sun. Fast grower.

Ribes aureum. Golden Currant. Native deciduous shrub. Delicious edible berries. Good bird plant. Butterfly larval source. Part shade. Fast grower.

Anisacanthus quadrifidus v. wrightii. Flame Anisacanthus/Wright's Desert Honeysuckle. Chihuahuan native herbaceous perennial. Tough once established, hummingbird pollinated, butterfly larval host. Full sun (best)/part shade. Fast/moderate grower.