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The one that could have been: part 2

The One That Could Have Been, Part 2

In the alternate reality, the hair clip that Monica is wearing when Chandler tells her that he wants to be her boyfriend is the same one that she wears in The One With Ross's Wedding, Part 2 after they have sex for the first time in London.

"We think... We THINK the chick is going thru a little change. But we're getting a second opinion" :)

Monica and Rachel being woken up by Joey and Chandler's chick that was turning into a rooster.

"We used to walk into each others apartments all the time. We're friends" "Nah, that was a TV show" @Jenn L Milsaps Coffey

I guess they weren’t such good friends after all…

Funny pictures about I guess they weren't such good friends after all. Oh, and cool pics about I guess they weren't such good friends after all. Also, I guess they weren't such good friends after all.

10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines… | B for Bel

Because life is always better with a sarcastic comment And this is why he is my favorite character on Friends! 10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines

Friends is one of the most famous shows in the TV history. It had everything we searched in a TV show - Humour, Love, Reality and much more. Oh, and they had Chandler.

The Best Moments Of Friends Show - 18 Of the Greatest Quotes That Made America Laugh

Even though Bambi is sad. This is seriously one of the best quotes of the show. "You didnt cry when Bambi's mother died? Yes it was very sad when the guy stopped drawing the deer.

friends quotes ross and rachel's first date - Google Search

Funny pictures about Joey's logic. Oh, and cool pics about Joey's logic. Also, Joey's logic.

Lol... Friends

Ross: That's right, I love you! And I'm gonna play with you all the time. Phoebe: How can you let him talk to your crotch like that? Friends TV shown quotes.


Lmao this episode was funny One of my most often quoted lines from friends! Come to think of it, I quote Joey lines a lot "It's a moo point"

The lightswitch in the Kitchen that doesn't work. Until we discover its switches on the boys TV in Monica and Rachel's apt. Hilarious.

Monica: How can you not care? Joey: Like this. Gif Bin is your daily source for funny gifs, reaction gifs and funny animated pictures! Large collection of the best gifs.

"Homo" Sapiens Joey Tribbiani is the love of my life

"Homo" Sapiens Joey Tribbiani is the love of my life

7 zones- probably one of my favorite scenes ever from friends

Seven, Seven, Seven. Only to be topped by when Kathy comes in the next morning hugging Monica ferociously !