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Aug. 19, 1913: A severe thunderstorm wreaked havoc in and around the Loop on this date. A bridge at 22nd and Halsted was disabled by lightning.

March 27, 1913: Severe weather is still wreaking havoc across the Ohio Valley, with Ohio and Indiana hit very hard. Most of Dayton, Ohio, was destroyed by fire and inundated by flooding, while areas of downstate Indiana weren't doing much better. Chicago has been helping as much as possible, sending teams and donating large amounts of money.

Dec. 5, 1913: A "movie masher" was wreaking havoc on 10-cent theaters in Chicago. What is a movie masher? In this case, a married man who would target ladies who were alone, sitting next to them and pinching them. The arrest happened after a woman called the Tribune asking for help.

July 6, 1913: Focus this week has turned to a threatened national railroad strike that "could wreak havoc on the nation."

Jan. 3, 1913: More news on the front page than on many pages of current papers - and all for just one cent (two cents in the suburbs.)

July 24, 1913: The mayor is planning a campaign to fight back against exhorbant taxi cab rates, specifically the ones that don't have meters and seemingly make up prices on the fly.

May 19, 1913: A big day in history. A mighty blast of dynamite allows the waters of the Pacific Ocean to rush into the Panama Canal.

Jan. 5, 1913: Alarmed by a crime wave, the police chief tries to reassure the public. And then there's this gem of a headline: "Girl Who Would Sell Her Soul Ejected From Blackstone." Apparently, she was eating and making a ruckus in the hotel dining room.

Aug. 29, 1913: Two women who apparently had a great love to dancing the tango were ejected from an establishment at Clark and Randolph streets after being asked to stop dancing. They continued to do so in the street and a police officer arrested them for it.

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