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Aug. 19, 1913: A severe thunderstorm wreaked havoc in and around the Loop on this date. A bridge at 22nd and Halsted was disabled by lightning.

Dec. 21, 1913: There's a big push 100 years ago to come to an agreement over railroad terminals in what is today the South and West Loop areas. Fighting continues with negotiations breaking down.

Sept. 24, 1913: A problem is beginning to grow as Chicago heads for the cold winter - scores of unemployed people are showing up in the city. And a push/race is on to figure out where to house them/put them.

Dec. 20, 1913: A limousine that was stolen in front of a Lake Shore Drive residence a day earlier was found on Canal Street in what is today the West Loop after an "alert sleuth" who saw the story in the Tribune spotted the missing vehicle. It was reunited with its owner.

Dec. 24, 1913: Following up on yesterday's pin, the long-awaited currency bill was signed by President Wilson. Next up for the commander-in-chief: A vacation.

Sept. 26, 1913: Chicago has a problem with waste disposal, and officials have declared that something must be done about it and soon. So where are they looking for advice and help? Paris.

Sept. 23, 1913: A Lake Forest college professor who is a master in Latin, Greek, German and French has decided to give up teaching and sell snacks from a cart. Why? Because of the economy. The professor’s plan was temporary. He was saving the money in the hopes of eventually opening his own restaurant.

Dec. 17, 1913: There are some big plans to improve the roads in the Chicago area, but the city and the road department are at a standstill over money. Some things really don't change.

Oct. 18, 1913: Here's an idea: Why don't we put an aquarium on the lakefront? And so we shall - the Shedd.

Dec. 31, 1913: On this, the last day of the year, attention to turns to the planned parties and revelers in the Loop and keeping everyone in control. No major problems were expected.