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Both chambers are needed for impeachment...

Both chambers are needed for impeachment.

On his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck called for Obama’s Impeachment. Saying that arming known terrorists is an impeachable offense, “You’re arming and aiding enemies of the U.S. Enemies who aren't even a direct threat the U.S.. We did not get into bed with Hitler to defeat Japan,”  calling out McCain and Graham for their involvement in the Syrian action [...] [09/17] - See more at…

Glenn Beck calls for Obama Impeachment this morning on his radio show.cited arming US here>

...I DO REMEMBER EVERY ONE OF THESE STATEMENTS--I also remember he is Muslim and it is totally acceptable to lie or whatever is needed to get what you want from your victim.  Yes, I remember.

Carolyn on

Why won't we wake up and impeach this guy? He's a Muslim Radical president ruining America!

IF you do NOT love AMERICA... Leave!! I'll help you pack!

Sign posted by a neighbor fed up with people complaining about him flying the American flag. Why do people ever have issues with someone flying the American flag in their yard in the U. If it were some kind of hate flag I would totally understand.

Democrats and Liberals

Funny pictures about Wise words from George Carlin. Oh, and cool pics about Wise words from George Carlin. Also, Wise words from George Carlin.

COMMON  CORE  BASED ON THIS:  Cognitive researcher, philosopher, and political activist Noam Chomsky.  Well now, this explains a lot

Steven Weber on

jingoism, racism, fear, religious fundamentalism: these are the ways of appealing to people if you’re trying to organize a mass base of support for policies that are really intended to crush them.

Love of Country.

Funny pictures about True Patriotism. Oh, and cool pics about True Patriotism. Also, True Patriotism photos.

A Sense Of Priorities

A Sense Of Priorities

only out of necessity. The craven swine need to be dealt with.

I Love America

Vintage Inspired Patriotic Pinwheels Infant Girls Romper, Red, White, and Blue, American Flag, CPSC compliant

I Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United State of America! If you can't or won't take the Pledge of Allegiance, then get the fuck out of my country!