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Everyone is sad sometimes...but being open and honest with those you love is the only way to go!

This relates to how many adolescents feel about themselves. They are in an awkward and self conscious stage in their life and have difficulty viewing themselves as beautiful. They are constantly comparing themselves to the "beautiful people" around them.

You gotta give it to Trump..he convinced a Bunch Hateful Morons they alone own this country and he's here to help them "Take It Back." Back from Who? From What? The Black President, The Immigrants? The Government (filled with Rotten Bastards they elected)? Truth is Our Country doesn't belong to just White People!! It belongs to ALL AMERICANS NO MATTER RACE, COLOR OR CREED!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!

Ah Princess, moments you have like this... break my heart. I hate when you cry. Even a small tear from your eye brings tears to mine. I know things are difficult. They will get better!