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Cloud Freebie!Thanks for checking out this freebie! I love teaching my students about clouds every year. Theyve all had the experience of finding different cloud shapes in the sky, and are fascinated to learn about different types of clouds and the weather they predict.Like what you see?

A great science website. Figure out your childs likes and dislikes in science and get a project they can do. Katie's doing a science fair for the first time. This site helped tremendously to find her project!! (Especially since I'm not that into science!)


How Snakes Lost Their Legs

Scientists in Florida say they've pinpointed the genetic process that caused snakes to lose their legs, and found that embryonic pythons still form "cryptic leg skeletons," millions of years later.

Everyone hates mosquitos. Besides the annoying buzzing and biting, mosquito-borne diseases like malaria kill over a million people each year (plus horses, dogs and cats). And over the past 100 million years, they've gotten good at their job -- sucking up to three times their weight in blood, totally undetected. So shouldn't we just get rid of them? Rose Eveleth shares why scientists aren't sure.

Although no human skeletons have been found fossilized alongside the dinosaurs, many “modern” animals (which evolutionists believe did not evolve till millions of years later) have been found buried in the same rock layer with the dinosaurs.

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Tomorrow Daily 063: The Google Science Fair, a custom open-source robot and more

We can't believe the finalists in the Google Science Fair are all teenagers, but they've each created projects so remarkable, we felt like they were more than deserving of our time today. There was only one official Grand Prize awarded, but they were all super-interesting projects each entrant should be immensely proud of. Here's the full photo of the winners from this year's event: