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How 'Tumblr Pink' Became the Most Ubiquitous Color in Fashion Branding

Getting The Most Out Of Color. Ever since colour film became affordable for the masses in the 70s, we’ve become very used to vibrant colours in our images – although ‘colour’ is not a fixed concept in photography, since processing methods styles and fashions change as the years go by (for a reminder of how cheesy 70s and 80s colour film processing looks to modern eyes, check out Robbie Augspurger’s hilarious and technically very adept homage here.) In the digital...

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How to Mix and Match Colours

How to Mix and Match Colours


6 Super Simple Ways to Master Color Mixing

How to Mix Colors-Give it the ombré test. Different shades of the same color or similar colors almost always look good together (yes, this includes red and pink). If you need some help, do a Google image search for "ombré [insert color here]" and see what pops up.