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Pregnancy Workouts for Home

Perfect for me when I want to run classes for pregnant people! For the future. How to exercise when you’re pregnant. (No family I'm not preg, just was a good post to have for later on)

Feeding Skills Timeline preparing for pregnancy prepar for pregnancy #baby #pregnancy

Is your child's development on track?

Feeding Skills Timeline- I would add that some of these suggestions are off as far as timing goes. It's recommended to not give babies peanut butter until at least a year old, but always consult your pediatrician. * the psychology of baby feeding!

23 diagrams for moms-to-be. NEVER attempt to begin a new exercise program without the prior consent of your personal physician.

23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

Use this chart to gauge how much exercise is appropriate during pregnancy, then go to this website for 23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be.

First Time Parents Guide -- a few of these tips are unsafe, but most of them are great ideas!

First Time Parents Guide -- a few of these tips are unsafe, but most of them are great ideas! Please do not put your car seat on an upside down wooden highchair at a restaurant unless it's designed for that. Most restaurants have slings for car seats.

medications that are safe during pregnancy

Safe Medications During Pregnancy

Everyone always asks what is allowed to take during pregnancy. Well here you go a list! Free Printable: Medications Allowed During Pregnancy

Benefits of babywearing in the first 365 days of a baby's life! [infographic]  http://www.pishposhbaby.com/

Baby wearing - Benefits of babywearing in a sling / baby carrier info graphic (though I think the stat at the bottom is kinda funny and doesn't really help with the babywearing case much.

Infographic - Vitamins in Pregnancy

It's essential that your vitamin intake during pregnancy is sufficient to meet both you and your baby's health needs. Here's a guide to keep you on track with what vitamins matter most and how much you should take.

first trimester ::: fruit of the womb, document pregnancy, bump, pregnant, week

first trimester ::: fruit of the womb, document pregnancy, bump, pregnant, week. Mine is the size of a lime.

Pregnancy 101: The Changes in the Body Infographic

BODY CHANGES DURING PREGNANCY This infographic covers all of the changes that take place throughout the body during pregnancy. preparing for pregnancy prepar for pregnancy

Becoming pregnant for the first time brings about many questions. Many first-time moms wonder what they can eat or how much they can exercise. This infographic from Precision Nutrition covers what moms can eat during the pregnancy period:

7 Pregnancy Products That Make Life Easier

precision nutrition pregnancy nutrition 2 What to eat during pregnancy [Infographic]: How food affects you and your baby