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Idea for the front door. 'Enter' button with cursor over it. Now to hook up a mouse to the door bell button. Can't be too difficult.

Excelente trabajo de señaletica -Monash Pharma Signage Program – by Hofstede Design

Monash Pharma Signage Program / Hofstede Design

Signage and wayfinding done cleanly lets the more complex parts of life shine through. Think of designs like this as a frame for the more complex. It's cleanliness offers a beautiful contrast.

소화기와 비상약품을 심플하면서도 보기쉽게 나타낸!!!

Fire by Formfusion. An unobtrusive powder-coated steel bracket conceals a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit but provides easy access in case of an emergency.

공간안에 투명하게 들어간 글자의 느낌.

brilliant… Joseph Egan and Hunter Thomson “possible relationship between graphic design and architecture”, and while doing so they “discovered the process of anamorphosis as used by the fine artist Felice Varini this is awesome

house number, 5 by hannahmnt

Hiromura Design Office (Tokyo, Japan) “Signage systems do not exist by themselves; therefore they have to be integrated with graphic, interior, architectural, product and fashion design.

creative use of pillars

Parking project for Europlaza, a corporate office building in Guatemala, designed to be an international business center in Central America.

좋은간판디자인 공모전, 대상 - 그래픽 디자인 · 브랜딩/편집, 그래픽 디자인, 브랜딩/편집, 그래픽 디자인, 포토그래피

좋은간판디자인 공모전, 대상 - 그래픽 디자인 · 브랜딩/편집, 그래픽 디자인, 브랜딩/편집, 그래픽 디자인, 포토그래피